Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success." ~Henry Ford
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          Do you cherish the desire to serve and bolster your siren sisters in their journey of self-discovery? Do you dream of doing what you love, getting paid for it and being your own boss, setting your own schedule and goals? Siren School provides a number of outlets for dedicated women to employ their unique qualities and talents in meaningful and rewarding ways.
  • Salonniere - If you're a hostess who enjoys the Siren School community and yearns to attend sireny events in your area, becoming a Salonniere will allow you to put on the events of your dreams. This involves creating a salon of your own to host local activities on a public basis, beyond one's inner circle. As a self-employed siren, you will determine how many events you would like to offer, and what types. Plus there are a number of earning opportunities, bonuses and awards for those who go above and beyond the siren call of duty. Click here to peruse our "Salon of Your Own" page (and click here to view a sample Salonniere site).

  • Mistress of Soirees - Siren Soirees are the perfect girl get-together for birthdays, bachelorette parties, social groups and more. A Soiree Mistress make these festivities possible, acting as mistress of ceremonies, setting the scene, and immersing guests into the hostess' fantasy world of choice. Click here for details (and click here to view a sample Soiree Mistress site).

  • Fantasy Fitness Mistress of Dance - The last few years have seen dance take center stage on the fitness scene. It does more than just shed pounds and tone flesh, it invigorates the spirit and cultivates coordination, grace and confidence. With more than a dozen specialty theme dance genres, sirens can share their love of their favorite fantasy realms and movement styles through dance instruction, getting paid to play. Classes are conducted in 6-week sessions, each session covering a new feel-good routine. Click here for details (and click here to view a sample Fantasy Fitness Instructor site).

  • Fairy Godmother - Are you someone who gleans fulfillment from working with young people? Does it warm your cockles to see a look of wonder come over a child's face? Then activity as a Fairy Godmother may be just the thing for you. Fairy Godmothers conduct our Kids Carousals & Family Frolics, as well as oversee our Poise & Porpoise program which nurtures girls into young ladies. (Click here to view a sample Fairy Godmother site).

  • Camp Corsair (one who runs the course or expedition) - In answer to the requests to offer 'day camps' for adults, we're coming up with a variety of experiences that are longer than Siren Soirees and shorter than Mythic Adventures -- events where you show up for the day and spend the night at home or at the location of your choosing. We've already got EtiCamp planned (etiquette, hospitalitea & hostess training) and are in the process of planning Mermaid Bootless Camp beginning Summer 2016 in Long Beach, CA. Information to be posted Fall 2015 and training for Corsairs to commence Spring 2015. We're currently working on our camp site (snicker snicker) which we'll link all over the place once it's done.

  • Eventeur - For those afflicted with the travel bug, our Mythic Adventures camps, cruises, getaways and holidays may be the perfect cure. Sirens may earn cash commissions and even free trips when they book friends and groups on a Siren School destination adventure. Think of it as a fantasy travel agent, arranging for others to have the experience of a lifetime, playing Pirates in the Caribbean searching for treasure, swimming with wild dolphins as a mermaid, and so much more.

  • Volunteur - It seems there is always something extra to be done at any event, and that's where a Siren School Volunteur is invaluable. Based on specific event needs, you can volunteer to play Gopher - Girl Friday, doing everything from setting up a snack table, to checking in with a hotel concierge, planting whodunit clues and more. We can't treat you to our 5-day Polynesian Paradise getaway, but we can certainly comp Siren School activities at events in thanks for your altruistic assistance.